Consistent Emergence Profiles™

The Straumann® Bone Level Implant puts a strong emphasis on an esthetic outcome. Esthetic results are crucially determined by successful soft tissue management. To optimize the soft tissue management process, various components with Consistent Emergence Profiles™ are available in the prosthetic portfolio of the Straumann® Bone Level Implant.

The healing abutments, temporary abutments and final abutments of the Straumann® Bone Level system were designed to have an emergence profile which is the same at all treatment steps for specific combinations of products. For each final standard abutment (excluding Meso, Straumann® CARES® and gold abutments) there is a corresponding healing abutment. Accordingly, the final abutment will possess the same emergence profile that was previously created by the respective healing abutment.

For more information on these components, also consult our brochure on the surgical procedures and our brochure on soft tissue conditioning with Straumann® Bone Level implants.

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